12 Hole Fuel Injectors


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  • 12 hole 250cc, 270cc and 330cc injectors are an awesome upgrade for your 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra.
  • The 12 hole injectors turns gasoline into a mist vs stock 4 hole injectors which turns the gasoline into a stream.
  • The mist burns more fuel than the stream of gas which wastes more.
  • By upgrading to a 12 hole nozzle, more gas is used and you reap the benefits 🙂
    • Better Fuel Atomization
    • 1-3 MPG Gain
    • Better Throttle Response
    • Better Top End
    • Better Low End Torque
    • Better Mid Range Power
  • Your truck will drive more like a modern vehicle.

Choose the 250cc or 270cc if you’re running gasoline or the larger 330cc if you intend to mix E85 into your gas. Please note that a new fuel pump is required if you intend to use the 330cc. Also, fuel electrical adapters are required for 330cc injectors on 2000-2004 Toyota Tundras.

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Electrical Adapters $100

1 Pack (8 adapters), No Adapters

Fuel Injectors

1 Complete Set


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