Standard 8″ System


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Standard 8″ System

This system is deep and mellow. Not even near obnoxious. Nearly ‘stock quiet’ during part throttle driving. You don’t hear the exhaust until you really get hard on the throttle. It literally replaces the stock muffler with straight pipes which tie into a Y pipe and bolts straight up to the stock tailpipe, just like the budget system and the 6″ system, but there are two 8″ long mufflers in the straight pipes which will absorb all of the raspiness associated with straight pipes just like the 6″ system does, yet is even quieter and a lot deeper. The 8″ system includes a brand new gasket for between the Y pipe and the stock tailpipe, a helmholtz resonator (to kill that annoying drone associated with aftermarket exhaust) and clamps to make the helmholtz an easy bolt on with no welding required. Our 6″ system is $849 in aluminized steel and $949 in stainless steel. The sound is much more mellow and deeper than our 6″ system, with most people saying that it’s ‘just a whisper until you really mash the throttle. Otherwise the sound is clean and deep until you reach 65mph (this speed and sound comparison is based on stock 32″ tires, stock 4.30 tow gear option, and transmission in 6th speed with the torque converter fully locked up. Your truck will see these conditions 99.9% of the time when on a highway at that speed). All systems are built to order, please allow up to 30 days for a complete build. 

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