JBA Mid Pipes


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Jba long tubes need a set of mid pipes. In case ya didn’t know it, mid pipes connect the headers to the catback. The mid pipes may as well have catalytic converters in em. I’ve done extensive testing to conclude there is zero loss of hp with cats. Power is exactly the same matter of fact. Only difference is low end torque. With cats you get better low end torque. And best cats to use is low mileage stock casts. This customer sent us his and we built these (see photos).

Cats are stainless steel. Welds are stainless steel. Tubing is stainless steel. Flanges and hangers are solid half inch thick steel. These baby’s are stout. And they bolt on using simple hand tools. With no check engine light. And in 3″ gains 49hp and 89tq


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