2016+ Tacoma Exhaust


Our 2016+ Tacoma is a work in progress. There will be over 20 options for our trucks!!! A system will have separate parts which will all have to be ordered at the same time to make a complete system. Please read our brief descriptions, but the exact options aren’t available until you see them on the drop down menu.

Two of the biggest considerations to make are, do you want dual exhaust, or single exhaust?? In all of our testing of vehicles with stock exhaust manifolds and stock cats, we have discovered that a single exhaust makes the absolute best low end torque, and if built properly, won’t sacrifice top end performance. The 3.5 Tacoma is no exception to this rule.

Our recommendation is to run a single exhaust unless you plan to run the OvTune twin turbo system. When that system hits the market we will do very very thorough testing to determine whether or not to run dual 2″, 2.25″, or 2.5″, but even today, all of the above options are available RIGHT NOW!!

The separate parts needed are as follows:
1. Mid pipes
2. Catback
3. Muffler section (optional)
4. Tailpipes (optional)

1. If the truck needs to be emission compliant we will need to run some sort of a catalytic converter. If you are able to send us your stock mid pipes we can modify them for a small fee, without even touching the cats, for a fully compliant system. If your local laws allow you to run an aftermarket cat then that will save you the inconvenience of having to send us your mid pipes for modification. And if your truck is for off highway use only, then we can build you mid pipes without catalytic converters, there is no oxygen sensors behind these cats so you will not get a check engine light.

2. The catback is sold as two separate parts. X pipe, or Y pipe, and muffler section. It is also listed as two parts on our site as ‘catback’ and as ‘muffler section’. The catback can have small mufflers installed into it, or it can be straight piped. And the muffler section can have mufflers in it, or it can be straight piped. If you are ordering dumps you will want to purchase mufflers for the catback section (if you desire to have mufflers), if you are ordering full tailpipes you can order mufflers for the catback section, or the muffler section, or both.

3. Muffler section fills the gap between the catback and the tailpipes. You may choose to keep this section straight piped, or you may purchase mufflers. Some guys/gals will purchase mufflers for the catback and the muffler section to keep their truck as quiet as possible yet still gain the HP/TQ of our free flow style exhaust!! You can also choose to purchase dumps or a turn out instead of a muffler section. For example some guys will purchase our Y pipe with a muffler, then a turn out for the muffler section to have their exhaust exit right before the rear tire.

4. The tailpipe section is really only needed if your local laws require your exit location to be up and over the rear end, past the cab, or exiting the vehicle completely. Our rule of thumb is to exit the vehicle back as far as possible, and exit the vehicle completely. By purchasing tailpipes you can accomplish one or both of these goals depending on which tailpipe exit configuration you choose.

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