Present Toyota Tundra 4.6L and 5.7L Dual Budget Dumped – LONG


*If drone is a concern, this system is not recommended – call for details!

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This system is perfect if you want all out performance on a budget that is simple, bolts on very easily, and sounds AMAZING!! This is NOT a straight pipe sound. There is no ‘cackle’, just pure performance NASCAR type sound. The system uses our proprietary designed X-pipe for the perfect sound and minimal torque loss. The dumps have our ‘BAmBomb’ welded to the tips which dump behind the cab, under the truck bed, which is perfect for those who live in parts of the country where this is required to pass state inspections.

*Please be aware, there is drone when on the highway with this system. In comparison to other big box systems on the market for our trucks the drone is actually not that bad, but if drone is a concern we may want to consider a system with mufflers and a helmholtz resonator.
**Please note, all systems use steel flanges and hangers. Our SS systems use SS tubing and are welded with SS procedures/consumables.

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Dimensions 84 × 14 × 12 in



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