2000-2007 Toyota Sequoia 4.7L Bolt-On Catback


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2000-2007 Toyota Sequoia 4.7L bolt on exhaust systems.
We have 3 popular sound levels available. Our muffler size determines the volume. For a very aggressive system choose our 12×5 (this will have a bit of drone at highway speeds) For moderate choose 18×5, and for quiet choose 24×6. All of the systems include a Helmholtz Resonator to help cancel out the unwanted frequency which is the source of the drone. Exhaust systems can be built from stainless steel tubing or from aluminized tubing. Either way, the flanges and hangers are made of steel. Our Sequoia systems are a direct bolt-on with no welding or cutting required for a super easy installation.

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Muffler Size

12×5 (aggresive), 18×5 (moderate), 24×5 (quiet)