2000-2006 Toyota Tundra Weld On Kit


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This system is for any 2000-2006 tundra which has a stock tailpipe in place still. The system is meant to be installed by a professional exhaust shop and should take about an hour to install. The system in the picture is orientated exactly how it would go into the truck. There are 3 sound options which are determined by muffler sizing:
  • 12×5 aggressive on the throttle, yet calm while cruising.
  • 16×5 moderate when on the throttle, yet still a very clean, smooth v8 sound.
  • 20×5 more aggressive than stock when on the throttle, yet the sound is deep, clean, mellow.
The parts in the picture are sold individually so that you can delete any unneeded parts, but it’s recommended to purchase everything for a drone free system. There are 3 parts in the pic. Muffler, helmholtz resonator (to kill drone) and hangers. Options include aluminized steel or stainless steel. *Pricing is as follows:

*For customized or individual orders, please call us 760-877-4234

It is recommended that either stainless steel or aluminized steel be mig welded. And that the stainless kit be welded using 308 wire and tri mix gas. Aluminized steel may be welded with standard steel wire and steel mix gas.