2000-2006 Toyota Tundra & Sequoia 4.7L Long Tube Headers


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If you need ceramic coating, or BAmufflers exhaust please call 760-877-4234

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These long tube headers are the only true long tubes available for 2000-2006 Tundra/Sequoia available. They’re good for 30HP and 30TQ without VVTI and 40 with!! (when combined with a BAmufflers true dual 2.5″ exhaust system). There is no low end torque loss anywhere in the power band. HP and TQ is gained thru the entire power band. These headers literally make your 4.7L a different vehicle. Order with our BAmufflers race system with our without catalytic converters. Any sound level may be considered and HP/TQ gain does not change, you will always see 30 to the wheels!!!


If your truck is an 05-06, call to special order your headers without air injection and save about $300 by shutting down the air injection system using a module or for simplicity order them specifically with the 05-06 part number. Optional ceramic coating pricing varies but is generally about $250. Call to order and/or for exact pricing on coating.

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