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Supercharged Tundra BullyDog Install


NOTE: Tech support is highly recommended so make sure to only do this installation 9-4 Mountain Time, Monday – Friday. BullyDog tech support closes at 5pm MST. You want to leave an hour of time just in case. Their tech support line is 940-783-9914.

Hook up a battery charger to your truck. Pull the fuse that your intercooler pump is fuse tapped into. Remove the fuse tap but PLUG THE FUSE BACK IN. Failure to plug the fuse back into the fuse box will result in the download freezing up and could brick your ECU.

Lay out your instruction pamphlet and all of the cables, programmer, etc. on a table.

Turn on your lap top and log onto

Call BullyDog and do everything they tell you to do. Keep them on the phone with you for every step until your truck starts.

Remember to PLUG IN THE INTERCOOLER FUSE TAP. Failure to do so will result in a blown motor.

Start the truck and enjoy an extra 90hp and 50tq to the rear wheels. This will make your truck faster in the 1/8 mile by .2 seconds.

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